Is Life Coaching right for you?

Greetings! If you are considering Life Coaching, and are ready for a positive change in your life, then I am here to help and guide you. I’m happy to share a little about myself and what I do as a Life Coach. This is something I am truly passionate about and is at the core of what I do through my life’s work at Tattoos of My Soul.

Coaching Program by Molly Duncan, C.L.C

Life Coaching is about taking a look at where you are in life, where ultimately want to be, and bridging the gap between the two.

My coaching program is based on biweekly or monthly (depending on your preference) coaching sessions.
Each session is 60 minutes long.

1. Initial Call

We begin with an initial call, usually lasting around 20-25 minutes, where you and I determine if Life Coaching is a good fit for you. This provides an opportunity for you to express what you hope to receive out of coaching and for me to answer any questions you may have. This call is complimentary.

2. Discovery Session

Once we determine Life Coaching is a good fit for you, we schedule the Discovery Session. The Discovery Session is basically where you and I get to know one another, and we lay the framework for what we will cover in your actual coaching sessions. I ask you a series of questions to determine this.

3. First Session

This takes place after the Discovery Session (typically 1-2 weeks later). You determine the area you would like to address first, based on everything we discussed in the Discovery Session. Sessions vary. Sometimes they are very goal focused, while other times they are more of a chance to express feelings and thoughts you may be struggling with. This is 100% based on what you need/want out of the session.

4. Coaching

In each session, I coach using a very effective coaching system from Life Purpose Institute, where I received my certification. This school is ICF accredited, which is the highest credential for Life Coaching Certification. Their system has been used since 1984 with over 2 million people worldwide. After each session I email you a recap. This is a simple summary of everything we covered that day, any goals we may have set, and key takeaways. Clients really like these recaps that I send by email because it helps them further process what we discussed.

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This is right for you if…

  • You feel stuck, lost, and/or unable to make progress in desired areas in your life. 

  • You have been through or are currently going through a difficult time and have a desire to not let it define you, but to grow from it. 

  • You want to feel more motivated, inspired and encouraged on a regular basis. 

  • You want/need accountability in order to achieve your goals and desired outcomes. 

  • You want to grow spiritually and have more faith in yourself and in God. 

  • You want to make positive lifestyle changes such as increasing your physical fitness, improving your overall daily mindset/perspective, accomplishing projects you set out to do, decreasing anxiety and depression and increasing overall peace, trust and contentment. 

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What past and current clients are saying:

My background/story and why I decided to become a Life Coach: 

I first considered becoming a Life Coach after going through a very difficult time personally. My husband and I were almost violently killed in February of 2020 at our home, and then a year later, due to unresolved trauma and stress, we almost divorced. If you would like to hear my full story, it can be found on the About page. Needless to say, I went through a very challenging and painful time. This time caused me to do some real soul searching, which ended up being hugely beneficial to my overall growth and development as a human being. As I went through the process of healing from my trauma, I learned some very valuable lessons and realized a true and serious shift within myself was taking place. This shift was about casting off the old self; a self that was defined by my traumatic experiences and past, and one that was deeply wounded. I was putting on a new self- one that was confident, strong, positive and determined to grow.  

This shift caused me to consider becoming a Life Coach as I developed a strong desire to help others grow and heal through painful experiences just as I had.

In addition, I realized that our greatest struggles in life can become our greatest strength, if we do the necessary inner work and develop the right perspective.

Once I started looking into life coaching and all it entailed, I very quickly knew, this was the path I wanted to take. I enrolled in online courses and became a Certified Life Coach. Now I am extremely passionate about helping others to grow, heal and evolve through the valleys of life we all go through. 


  • Certified Life Coach (CLC) through The Life Purpose Institute (LPI) which is fully accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education.

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“If you don’t like your life, then change how you see it. If you want different results, then do something different.” 

 Be well, Molly Duncan, CLC

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