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April 14, 2022
On this week’s podcast, I talk to Chris DiRoma, who is one of our newest team members with All-In Nutritionals. He and Lindsey have known each other for many years, and we are really happy to have him joining the family! Chris shares his story, which includes a near death experience, six years ago. It is truly a miracle he is alive. Chris describes himself as “not the typical church-goer”, but talks about his faith, and how he sees God in the simplest things now. I really enjoyed getting to know him more and hearing about all he’s been through and learned from. This podcast features a special guest; Lindsey makes his first appearance on the TOMS podcast, as he sits in for the first several minutes! Be sure to take a listen, and as always, if you like what we are doing, please share!



March 24, 2022
This week’s guest is Robert McDaniel, better known as “Big Rob Savage.” He is a restaurant owner, faith-based rapper, media producer, husband, father, and successful businessman…just to name a few! The first time I spoke to Rob, he said something I’ll always remember. He said, “When I heard about the shooting, I was so sad for you and Lindsey. I knew that wasn’t normal for you. For me that kind of thing was normal. I had a really tough upbringing, and I was exposed to a lot, but for you- I knew it was not.” Needless to say, Big Rob has seen a lot in his life and has overcome a tremendous amount of adversity. He even had an out of body experience when he almost died in an ATV accident, which he talks about in this podcast. He is one of those people I could talk to for hours. His authenticity and the way he speaks about his life, struggles, faith, and relationship with God are so endearing and just plain real. I loved hearing about his journey over the years, and what he is doing now to give back to his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri. In my opinion, the world needs more people like Big Rob. Take a listen and be encouraged by what he has to say. And as always, if you like what we’re doing, here at Tattoos of My Soul, please share!!



March 9, 2022
One of the things I love the most about our podcast is the people I have the privilege of meeting and talking with. This week is no different. Charlie and Faith Russell of Nashville, Tennessee, have an incredible story. I first read about it when a member shared a post (that Faith had written) in the Tattoos of My Soul Prayer Group on Facebook. For several months I along with many others, followed the updates and prayed for their situation. Charlie almost died from Covid and was unconscious for 6 weeks, all the while Faith gave birth to their daughter, Charity. Take a listen as they describe what they went through and how God gave them a miracle…taking what was meant for harm and using it for good. And…if you like what we are doing here on the podcast, please share! Help us reach others by sharing inspiring stories of finding faith in deep waters.



March 3, 2022
My guest on this podcast is someone I see almost every day because she just so happens to be a barista at my favorite local coffee shop! Becky Smiddy and I did not know each other until just a couple of months ago. Each morning, when I stopped in for a coffee, she and I would visit a little as I waited. One day recently, she asked me about Tattoos of My Soul, and what exactly I do. I shared a bit of my background and story with her and the meaning behind Tattoos of My Soul. With that, she said, “I have a story I’d like to share!” Right away I loved her energy and transparency. It’s so awesome how God opens doors for us to meet new and amazing people! In this Podcast, Becky shares her very real and raw story about growing up in an alcoholic family, working as a missionary, and later dealing with addiction in her own marriage. She shares some deep insights into all she has learned throughout these unique experiences. Take a listen! You will be encouraged and inspired. If you like what we are doing, please share!!



February 17, 2022
Have you ever met someone and listened to all they do, and instantly thought, “How do they accomplish all of that!?” Well Karla Bradley is definitely one of those people! She is the mom of 8 (yes I said 8 kids!), blogger, author, camper, and furniture flipper and SO much more! I got the opportunity to sit down and chat with her on our latest podcast, which was incredibly interesting and inspiring. Her attitude and perspective on the challenges of daily life is something to take note of, not to mention the system she has in place for daily life. She not only gets a ton done each day, but stays calm, peaceful and positive while she does it. Moms in particular…you will want to take a listen! She has great tidbits we all can learn from! Take a listen!!



November 15, 2021
On this episode, I talk to Aaron Stratton. He works at the local gym here, Springfield Health and Fitness, runs a charity called Beardman’s Full Bellies and is working on building a mobile food pantry called The Magic Food Bus that supplies local children in need with food, clothing and supplies. He also shares his story of overcoming huge health issues including a heart attack, intractable hiccups and even contemplating suicide. Aaron’s story is a great example of what we love to hear on the Tattoos of My Soul Podcast…stories of people turning trial into triumph. His story will definitely uplift and encourage you. Take a listen.


September 13, 2021
Angie Miller, who works as a Life Coach at a local trauma treatment center for women, shares her story that is full of pain, abuse and addiction, but ultimately triumph.



August 28, 2021
Alexis and I discuss helpful things revolving around staying motivated, developing a consistent workout routine and eating healthy.



August 17, 2021
Licensed to be foster parents in 2019, Brent and Megan Neer have been on a journey of great uncertainty for over two years. At just four days old, twin boys were placed in their care and soon after, the Neer’s knew God was calling them to adopt.



August 10, 2021
Kelly Savage has a serious story of every trauma, tragedy and pain you can think of. She tells her incredible story of life as an addict, the painful road she was on, her breaking point when she finally said, “I’ve had enough” and her moment with God that changed everything.



August 2, 2021
Alexis Fourman is my close friend and personal trainer. Here, we talk about the synergistic connection between mind and body and how exercise reaches far beyond the physical.



July 29, 2021
Kelly Gunter is the author of the best seller, “You Have Such a Pretty Face.” Kelly has an incredible story of tragedy and triumph and is the perfect example of someone who has many painful tattoos on her soul, but has refused to let them define who she is.



June 11, 2021
Dacia Jernigan tells her story of how she was robbed at gunpoint within her own apartment. Now a mother of two, she explains the healing process and the lessons learned from this traumatic experience.