Frequently Asked Questions

Do you meet virtually? 
Yes I am able to meet in the office if you are local to the Springfield, Ohio area, but if not, I can meet virtually, via Zoom.  

Are sessions confidential? 
Yes, any and all information discussed between you, the client and I, the coach, is 100% confidential.  

What’s the difference between coaching, consulting and therapy? 
Coaching is distinct from consulting in that I will help you come up with your own answers rather than advising. It is different from therapy in that we will address any obstacles that have kept you from achieving your goals, but we will not engage in any psychological area that requires training and licensing. 


What if I feel stuck, but don’t really know what my goals are?
This is totally okay, and actually somewhat typical! This is something I am able to help you work through. Through discussion and guided questions/prompts we will be able to set achievable, highly beneficial goals. Do not worry if you don’t know what your goals are right now. 


Are there any tools/resources you recommend to use in conjunction with my coaching sessions?
Yes! I have created a guided journal, “The Life Changing Journal” which incorporates my system, “The Fundamental Five”. This is the system that I created during my own personal healing journey and one I found to be highly effective and beneficial. Purchase of the journal is not required, but highly recommended as it helps to reinforce the things we work on during sessions when you are in your daily life. *Clients receive a 15% discount on their journal purchase. 


I am looking for a Christian Life Coach, is this in your wheelhouse?
While I am not an expert on the bible, my guidance is often faith based, especially if this is how the client leans. My faith and God are a fundamental part of who I am and how I have healed from my own personal trauma, so I love any opportunity where I can share this and encourage others.


What areas of coaching do you specialize in? Do you have a particular area of focus?
As a CLC, I am able to help people make progress in a wide range of areas including their health (both mental and physical), relationships, careers, spirituality, life balance, and overall well being. As someone who has been through significant trauma, I am well equipped to relate and understand trauma on a personal and deep level; I love to help people recover from their painful experiences and help them become stronger and whole again. I also love to motivate and encourage my clients to improve their daily habits and rituals, as I believe these are the anchors of good mental health.