Mind & Body Collaboration
Coming in Fall 2022

Just what the name implies...a virtual workshop based solely around enhancing your mind and body! For 6 weeks you'll be guided through live workouts, recipe ideas and meal plans, motivating talks and encouragement, accountability, inner wellness exercises and techniques, journaling, and much more! We are beyond excited to work with anyone who is ready to commit and take their mind and body to the next level. The best part, you can do all of it from the comfort of your own home!

Individualised Program

Workouts will be designed to challenge and motivate all fitness levels. Modifications will be provided to either increase or lessen difficulty depending on your preference and ability. Mindful exercises and talks will be short and simple! They will be easily applied to even the busiest of schedules, to increase peace, contentment, joy, decreased stress and overall better mental/physical well-being.

This 6-week program is the perfect way to go into the summer, and will help you create healthy, sustainable daily habits that lead to enhanced health in all areas- body, mind, and spirit. • Guided and taught by Alexis Fourman, CPT, Gym Owner, and Flex Founder and Molly Duncan, CLC and Tattoos of My Soul Founder.

What's included?

Weekly Workout Plans

Including weekly live workouts. These can be done at home or in the gym and replayed at your convenience if you can't make it live

Mental fitness coaching

including individualised exercises sent to your email based on your needs and goals

Meal Plans

Including weekly suggested meal plans weekly recipe Ideas and Grocery Tips

Life coaching

Life coaching sessions will help you break barriers, limitations and unhelpful thought patterns

Facebook & Weekly Newsletter

Access to a private Facebook group• 6 Weekly Newsletters that provide a preview of the week and motivation, sent directly to your email every week

6 Recorded Calls

6 Recorded Calls that guide you through mental wellness and provide easy, applicable techniques. These will be sent directly to your email so you can listen anywhere and be posted within the FB group.

Guest Speakers

Lindsey Duncan, CN and ND providing information on nutrition and supplementation and Megan Miller, APRN CNP Direct Primary Care providing information on hormones

Welcome Package

An awesome welcome package sent directly to you once you are registered. This is valued at over $100 in product! This package will give you everything you need for the workouts, plus some awesome and fun goodies. Including, but not limited to resistance bands for workouts, "The Life Changing Journal" for mindful exercises, samples of some of our favorite health benefitting products, and coupons to local vendors.

woman standing on sand and facing at seashore

All information will either be communicated through our private Facebook group or email. Participants will be able to achieve both mind and body exercises each day in or around 1 hour. We are making it very doable even for the busiest person! Of course, you can always do more or less than this, but this recommended one hour will leave you energised for the rest of your day.

Be well, be renewed and be transformed…into the BEST YOU.