How much energy would you say you have on any given day? Are you full of it, from the moment your eyes open in the morning, or are you often struggling to complete your daily routine and tasks? Or maybe you’re somewhere in the middle.

Each one of us have a certain amount of energy to use or expend each day. Some of us, naturally have more energy than others.

Where you fall on the energy monitor may vary. You may be like the energizer bunny, or you may take things at a snail’s pace. This is not what I’m focusing on today though. In this blog, I am not addressing how much energy we have each day, but I AM addressing how we use it.

If it’s clear that we all have a certain amount of energy based on our genetic makeup, our lifestyle choices and overall health condition, we can probably all agree we want to use that energy in the most positive and effective way. We want to get the most out of it each day…right?

Our energy is like a gas tank. When you’re driving, it’s easy to see the amount of gas that’s left in the tank. If that red arrow starts creeping toward the “E”, you will not waste what you have, and you will get to a gas station ASAP to refuel. You won’t drive in circles or run on fumes…you’ll want to conserve the gas you have and use it well.

I’d like to suggest that our daily energy is much like a gas tank. We wake up each day and we have a certain amount of it that we can expend before we start to fatigue and need to refuel. Again, this amount will be different for all of us, but just go with me for a moment, no matter if you’re a go strong all-day person, or a ready for a nap by noon person.

Along with the fact that we have certain amounts of energy each day is the fact that certain activities require and take more of our energy than others. For example, if you carry heavy boxes up a flight of stairs that obviously will require and expend more energy than checking your email. The first activity may deplete the gas tank more than the second one will.

We know our physical activity has a direct correlation to our energy level, but do our emotions? The simple answer is- yes, they most certainly do.

The easiest way to prove this is by making this very simple comparison. Have you ever had an argument with someone? Ha, okay that’s a rhetorical question…we all can answer yes to this right? How did you feel after the argument was over? After you walked away or hung up the phone? How was your energy level? Did you feel invigorated and ready to go, or depleted and drained?

On the other hand, how do you feel if you’ve had a great visit with someone? You laughed, had great discussion about positive topics, and left the conversation feeling happy. How is your energy level after this type of encounter? Drained and depleted or elevated and energized? Again- rhetorical question.

Where am I going with all of this? It’s this basic point- we all have a certain amount of energy each day, and we are going to use it one way or another. When we wake up in the morning and our feet touch the floor, we have a choice on how we will use this energy. Will we use it in a way that promotes productivity, positivity and elevation? Or will we use it in a way that depletes us, ages us, wears on us and not only fatigues us physically, but fatigues us emotionally and spiritually?

Unfortunately, in our world today, there are endless opportunities for us to fall into patterns that will deplete our energy completely. We can fall into the trap of negative thought patterns SO easily. These patterns can and will literally strip our life force if we let them.

Since going through my personal journey of trauma and then healing, I’ve become particularly interested/fascinated in how our thoughts effect our quality of life. I’ve found that my thoughts are directly affected by the type of activities I choose to engage in. And my thoughts and activities, well those are directly related to how much energy I typically have.

So what’s the bottom line? Its this very simple principle. You have a choice each day on how you will use your energy. Your energy is precious…it belongs to you, it is your life force. Do not expend it on things that will not produce a positive outcome. Do not expend it on people who don’t respect or value you. Do not expend it on fear-based media.

Instead, engage yourself and your spirit in daily activities that will not steal your energy away, but that will give you more. Go out and do something for the greater good. Be creative. Pray for someone. Take a meal to someone who needs it. Get off your phone and write a note to someone just because you care. Participate in positive, uplifting conversations, and if it turns negative, remember you have the right to disengage and walk away.

Use your energy wisely and effectively. If you are feeling drained and depleted most days, ask yourself why. Of course, there may be health reasons for this, but evaluate where you are mentally. Where and how are you expending your mental energy? Remember, what affects the mind, affects the body and vice versa.

Lastly, am I saying we all have the choice to only do things that promote positivity and elevation and an increase in energy in our lives? Absolutely not. I’m an optimist, but also a realist, and I know just like everyone does, that there will always be things that require our attention that can and will strip our energy. This is just part of life and we can’t, nor am I suggesting, that we just bail on these responsibilities or duties. There will be things of importance that we must do, that won’t necessarily give us more energy. After all, we are all adults, and this is part of life. STILL do these things because we all have work to do, and that work isn’t always fun or positive.

What I am saying though is as much you can control and influence, CHOOSE energy increasing, not energy decreasing experiences, activities and practices each day. Chooses energy increasing people. Choose energy increasing media and entertainment. Remember…YOU choose what your energy goes to, so choose right.

So what’s the take away? Protect your energy tank…the fuel in it is like gold. Again, its your LIFE FORCE. Use it wisely, strategically and efficiently. Use it for the GREATER GOOD someway, somehow.

Your energy allows you to do what you are here to do and that’s important. You only have so much time, so use it well.